Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 111

Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast

Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 111 is mixed by DJ Stibs. Playlist curated by Plastic.

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In this episode, enjoy tracks from: Adam L, Adan Bean, B. Reith, The Battery, Big Rec, Braille, Brotha Soul, Cas Metah, Christon Gray, Deacon the Villain, Die-Rek, DJ Aslan, DJ Manwell, DJ Sean Patrick, DJ Versatile, Dre Murray, Ess Be, Fonzworth Bentley, Future Shock, Glue, GRITS, Hawk House, Hell Razah, Imperial, Jabee, Joshua Luke Smith, JuanLove, Jurny Big, JusThoughtz, JustMe, K. Sparks, Kizzie, L.A. Symphony, Lecrae, Lightheaded, LPG, Mars ILL, Mistery, Motion Plus, muzeONE, Ohmega Watts, Playdough, Propaganda, Redeemed Thought, Relic, Sareem Poems, Scribbling Idiots, Shabazz the Disciple, Shad, Sho Baraka, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Social Club, Sojourn, Soul Williams, Soulseize, The Sound Providers, Speech of Arrested Development, Surreal, Swoope, Taelor Gray, theBREAX, Theory Hazit, Tragic Hero.

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Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 111 play list

1. Cas Metah “A Stones Throw (feat. Shabazz the Disciple & Hell Razah)”
2. theBREAX “Charisma (feat. Fonzworth Bentley)”
3. Hawk House “Tidal Tendencies”
4. Mars ILL “Sphere of Hip-Hop”
5. Imperial “All Is Grace (feat. Joshua Luke Smith)”
6. The Sound Providers & Surreal “The Lesson”
7. Theory Hazit “Old Derty Hazit”
8. JustMe & Deacon the Villian “The Prodigal”
9. Christon Gray “Nostalgious (feat. Taelor Gray, Jurny Big, & B. Reith)”
10. Braille “I Wouldn’t Do It (feat. Sivion, Theory Hazit, Big Rec, & Surreal)”
11. Sareem Poems & Ess Be “Higher”
12. Ohmega Watts “Yo! (feat. Adam L & Kizzie)”
13. Redeemed Thought “ReLegacy (feat. Melissa T)”
14. Sareem Poems & Imperial “God Bless the Child (Soulseize remix)”
15. Jabee “Life is Good”
16. Die-Rek “Grown Man Biz (feat. DJ Versatile)”
17. GRITS “Alcoholic Plagiarism”
18. Relic “The Extra Mile (feat. Brotha Soul)”
19. Cas Metah & Motion Plus “World Renowned”
20. Juanlove “Skate Kids (feat. DJ Aslan)”
21. Soul Williams “More Love”
22. JusThoughtz “I’m Okay”
23. Mistery “Dragon Tattoo (feat. JustMe of Scribbling Idiots)”
24. Lightheaded “Surprise Cipher II”
25. Propaganda “Daywalkers (feat. Lecrae)”
26. muzeONE “Literacy Lyricism (Jaq remix)”
27. Sojourn “Solutionists (feat. Sivion and Surreal)”
28. Shad “It’s About Time”
29. L.A. Symphony “Easy Now”
30. LPG “In’s And Out’s”
31. Speech of Arrested Development “Words Unspoken”
32. Adan Bean “I’ll Sit This One Out (Step Back)”
33. Glue “A Lot To Say”
34. Dre Murray “Pharaoh (feat. Tragic Hero)”
35. Playdough & Sean Patrick “Off the Wall (feat. Social Club)”
36. Taelor Gray “Progress”
37. Sivion “The Best (feat. DJ Manwell)”
38. Taelor Gray “Let Me See”
39. K. Sparks “Talmbout”
40. The Battery “Willie Vasquez”
41. Future Shock “Jazzman”
42. Swoope “TGC 2 (feat. Sho Baraka)”
43. JustMe & Sintax the Terrific “Rough Crossing”

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