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Submissions information for Sphere of Hip Hop.

This page has all the answers to your submission questions.

We receive nearly three thousand submissions each week. Screening work is done in our spare time and on a volunteer basis. Be patient.

Sending your music to us is never a guarantee we’ll share it. Rejections are normal. Music is a personal experience, and we’re selective. If we think our audience will enjoy it, we share & support where we think it best fits. We recommend checking out what we normally support & share to get cues on what we’re looking for. Be dope, courteous, patient, professional, respectful. Make it easy for us to check out your submissions.

We don’t charge for playlist placement.

Our curation approach is highly focused (genre/mood/styles). Being placed on our lists will help your performance within DSP algorithms.

Singles, Videos, Playlist Pitches
We listen to everything sent to us via SubmitHub. It’s the best & quickest way to pitch us. We respond within 72 hours. Save on credits with our referral coupon “sphereofhiphop“.

Submit to Specific Playlists
Beats Only, Chillhop, Dope Hip-Hop, Fall Beats, Good Vibes Only, Jazz Hip-Hop, Lofi Aesthetic Beats, lofi beats, Lofi Guitar Beats, Lyrical Hip-Hop, MOOD BEATS, Rainy Day Lofi Beats, Selections, Sleep Beats, Spring Beats, Study Sounds, Summer Beats, The Find (CHH only), Under the Radar: Beats, Under the Radar: Rhymes, Winter Beats.

Jazzy Hip-Hop (Indie Mono) – We accept submissions via the options on this page, Soundplate, or via music submit.

Where We Publish Content
Blog, radio station, social media (Instagram / Twitter), Apple Music playlists, Deezer playlists, Soundcloud, Spotify playlists, YouTube, YouTube Music playlists.


Question? Email us.

Premiere pitch? Email is cool for those. If we’re interested, we will reply.

Use the above options for all other pitches.

The worst way to pitch your music to us is via email. Why? We get 100s of them every day. Every. Day. During the month of August 2023, we received 8,741 music pitches. Crazy, huh? We’re on email lists for artists and labels for genres we’ve never covered (country, rock, pop, etc), in addition to genres we do like. Please look to the top of the page for several options to cut to the front of our submission queue.

sphereofhiphop1997 [at]