Record Label

We’re back! After a long hiatus, SOHH is back to releasing new music. Find our releases on all major digital platforms and free downloads via Bandcamp.

Our current focus is on jazzy boom bap, instrumental hip-hop, lo-fi beats, jazz rap, & study beats.

Q: Will we release vocal hip-hop?
A: As soon as Fall 2024.

Q: Do you have any merch?
A: Not yet. Limited run items are in the works, including vinyl records. For now, feel free to name your price on Bandcamp.

Q: Do we accept demos?
A: It’s complicated. We don’t want to miss something dope, but also don’t want to spend most of our time screening demos. We’d rather be pitching and promoting. Watch our Instagram account for submission windows.

If you’re doing music within our core aesthetic, we’re usually watching already. Submit to our playlists. We’d like to hear what you have.

Chrys Jones (USA)
Eric Silva (USA)
Erwin Do (Germany)
Evening Stroll (France)
HariboY (Germany)
J Fletch (USA)
Kohei Yoshii (Japan)
konb (Japan)
Mehr Enayati (USA)
Mindless Meditation (Germany)
Paxkalito (France)
Rhesa Siregar (Indonesia)
Saint Rumi (USA)
sleeping with shoes on (USA)
Sleepy Teddy Chillez (Serbia)
Takada Fu (Japan)
Taki Brano (USA)
the smooth kid (Croatia)
YJKL (Italy)

0020 Evening Stroll – French Riviera [June 7] (stream / Bandcamp)
0019 konb & Takada Fu – Outside of the Atmosphere [May 31] (stream / Bandcamp)
0018 Saint Rumi, Bash, Theo Juarez – Window Seat [May 17] (stream / Bandcamp)
0017 Rhesa Siregar – Red Velvet [May 10] (stream / Bandcamp)
0016 YJKL & KOHEI YOSHII – Wonder EP [April 26] (stream / Bandcamp)
0015 sleeping with shoes on – Tu Tango [April 19] (stream / Bandcamp)
0014 Mehr Enayati – Small Talk [April 12] (stream / Bandcamp)
0013 Evening Stroll – International Spy Club [April 5] (stream / Bandcamp)
0012 konb – Fingers Crossed [March 22] (stream / Bandcamp)
0011 YJKL – Cradle of Love (stream / Bandcamp)
0010 Evening Stroll – Something Warm (stream / Bandcamp)
0009 Mindless Meditation & HariboY – Sunday Sundown (stream / Bandcamp)
0008 sleeping with shoes on – Relax (stream / Bandcamp)
0007 the smooth kid – Weekend Afternoons (stream / Bandcamp)
0006 Evening Stroll – Tied Up (stream / Bandcamp)
0005 YJKL & Sleepy Teddy Chillez – Heat Frequency (stream / Bandcamp)
0004 Evening Stroll – Inner City Staycation (stream / Bandcamp)
0003 Chrys Jones – By Yourself (stream / Bandcamp)
0002 konb – Nightingale (stream / Bandcamp)
0001 Evening Stroll – Blessed Days (stream / Bandcamp)

Key Press

Evening Stroll “Blessed Days” BBC Radio support on Focus Beats
Evening Stroll “Inner City Staycation” BBC Radio support on Focus Beats
Evening Stroll “Internation Spy Club” BBC Radio support on Focus Beats
Evening Stroll “Blessed Days” featured on Jazz Hop Cafe YouTube mix “My favourite cafe – jazz lofi mix
konb “Fingers Cross” featured on Lonely Girl Spotify editorial playlist
Mehr Enayati “Small Talk” BBC Radio support on Focus Beats
sleeping with shoes on “Relax” featured on mono.fy IG Reel
Taki Brano “2good2u” Editorial placement on Spotify’s “lofi beats” 5.27 million followers