Why Give? The Impact

Sphere of Hip-Hop has been serving the hip-hop community since 1997. SOHH’s reach and influence extends beyond our presence on the web. We support many offline organizations to help them reach young fans of hip-hop music with substance. Through artist mentoring and consulting, we’re empowering artists and record labels from all over the world to approach their craft with excellence. We have regular visitors from well over 100 countries around the world.

A little help goes a long way towards being able to maintain, provide free services to artists, and to partner with youth based organizations around the world. A small amount of resources can go a very long way.

Your Donation Matters – We receive feedback, letters, tweets, messages, email, and more from people all around the world sharing what Sphere of Hip-Hop means to them. Here are a few:

“It has been my go-to place to discover new artists as well as find out what’s going on with the artists I have supported in the past. The site has been a staple for informing me about what is going on in the hip-hop community. Many artists you post have helped me through a lot of good times and bad.” – Kevin M.

“Propaganda performed at our outreach this weekend for our young adults. Had it not been for SOHH, I never would have experienced his music.” – Amy

“God bless you for the work you do. The music Sphere puts out has been a tremendous blessing to me.” – Terry

“You’ve done and continue to do a wonderful job and service. Count me in as one of the many who have been touched and impacted by your work. Thank you.” – Bobby O.

“South Africa loves your work… God bless you.” – Melissa (South Africa)

“Before SOHH, I’d pretty much given up on hip-hop. Thanks for bringing me back.” – Dwain

“Good people, focus is on music but not at the cost of integrity.” – Kellus

“The constructive criticism y’all provide is priceless.” – JGivens (artist)

“It’s no small testament to what a blessing SOHH has been in my life that probably 90% of the artists I’ve built with and listened to consistently over the past ten years are those I was introduced to via the site.” – Paradox (artist)

“ lets me be myself: loving God and hip-hop at the same time…” – Kare (Norway)

“It’s always a special connection when I meet people in person who I have interacted with on SOHH!” – Nathan

“Most definitely would be in the dark without SOHH.” – Bob

“Sphere has been such a blessing to me over the years and has seen me through some hard times.” – Dramane

“SOHH is a great platform that keeps me up to date. Thanks for doing this in the past 19 years” – Wim (Netherlands)

“No nonsense hip-hop!” – Cas P. (Spain)

“I have always appreciated Sphere’s dedication to remaining a center point for quality hip hop. If there is a project I am having trouble finding, Sphere usually has it.” – Justin

“Sphere of Hip Hop introduced me to CHH and has helped keep this radio station cool.” – Bill (Renegade Radio)

“I’ve followed you since the start. Big up.” – Yann (Switzerland)

“Not only did Sphere of Hip Hop have the artists I was inquiring about I got introduced to other artists I did not know about. I’m super thankful for Sphere of Hip Hop carrying the artists they do. Also, Sphere of Hip Hop has been wonderful at allowing me to purchase certain cd’s that are not in circulation anymore.” – Christian

“When I was facing down turbulent years in high school SOHH served as a resource for hard to find and incredible music that encouraged my faith, creativity, and love for lyricism and Hip Hop culture. To be able to access this resource into my young adult and adult years has been an INCREDIBLE blessing! I look forward to many more years of benefiting from SOHH and even introducing this fantastic (site) to my own kids!” – Jason

“By the way, I grew up listening to you guys. First song that caught my attention was Dirt’s Devils Heaven on a radio station in Miami. I wish was still a thing because you guys had a gold mine of music on that page, and very likely some songs I’ll never hear again. Back in high school I used to go to the library by my house, put on headphones, listen to random SOHH songs, write down my favorites on a mini notebook for later, and work on all my college level essays. Thanks!” – Jose

“I don’t know if I’ve ever told you, but I really appreciate all the work you’ve done with the sphere site. It provided me a community when I had years of confusion and depression. The forums made a huge impact on my life.” – Anonymous fan from Twitter

“Because in the midst of a world filled with really bad music, you guys keep us in the know about music that matters.” – Anonymous fan from Twitter

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What is my donation used for?
Support is used to cover operating costs (phone, internet, services & subscriptions, software, computers etc) and to cover manufacturing costs (stickers, flyers, CDs etc). It also helps us to provide various free services (mentoring, consulting etc) and to also sponsor various outreach activities and other organizations.

What is a monthly donation? One time donation?
A monthly donation is paid every month, is ongoing until you choose to change or cancel it, and does not need to be renewed unless you end up falling behind on your payments for some reason. One time donations are paid only once.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Check with your tax professional for details.

What if I need to change my donation?
We can help you with that. Contact us at (donate at for details.

Is a PayPal account required for Monthly or One Time donations?
No. We simply use their service to process donations. You can either log in to your existing PayPal account to complete your donation or select the No PayPal option on the donation sign up page.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. How can I reach you?
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