Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 122 – 20th Anniversary Mix

Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 122

Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 122 is mixed by DJ Tony Tone BKS.

In this episode, enjoy tracks from: 3NP!, Braille, Cas Metah, Christon Gray, Die-Rek, Elevationists, Flynn Adam, GRITS, Hazakim, Imperial, Jabee, Jurny Big, Lando Chill, Lightheaded, LPG, Middle Clash, Muneshine, New Breed, Ohmega Watts, Othello, Ozay Moore, The Procussions, Propaganda, Raphi, Relic, Scribbling Idiots, Sev Statik, Shames Worthy, Taelor Gray, Theory Hazit, Tragic Hero, Tunnel Rats, Wes Pendleton, Wonder Brown, Zane.

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Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 122 play list

1. 3NP! “Wordz”
2. LPG “Thinkin’ Out Loud (feat. Zane)”
3. GRITS “Return of the Antagonist”
4. Hazakim “Liar, Lunatic, Lord or Legend?”
5. Tunnel Rats “For the Heads”
6. New Breed “Live This”
7. LPG “First to Fight (feat. Sev Statik)”
8. Othello & The Hipknotics “Peace”
9. Ohmega Watts “That Sound (feat. Lightheaded & The Procussions)”
10. Flynn Adam “Get Up! (feat. Sharlok Poems)”
11. Othello “Let’s Just”
12. Scribbling Idiots “Almost Famous”
13. Cas Metah “Laying the Foundation (feat. Lightheaded)”
14. The Procussions “The Storm” (Imperial remix)
15. Wes Pendleton “Dedication (feat. Die-Rek)”
16. Relic “Work of Heart (Muneshine remix)”
17. Ohmega Watts “Higher”
18. Middle Clash “Find You (feat. Christon Gray)”
19. Taelor Gray “Doing It Well (feat. Tragic Hero)”
20. Jabee “Society (feat. Propaganda & Lando Chill)”
21. Elevationists “Bad Things Good”

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