2 Man Trio “Rocket Surgeons EP” Now Available (Name Your Price!)

Happy New Year from San Diego and Maui! As a gift to fans, rapper Caps (Future Shock) and producer Sundance (Boombox Titans) are making their group, 2 Man Trio’s Rocket Surgeons EP available for any price… including free (if you’re a cheapskate). Originally released in late 2010, this powerhouse EP was critically acclaimed…and never properly released. EP features stepped up lyricism from Caps, and a completely different production style from previous Sundance projects.

Guest appearances by: Shames Worthy, Jurny Big, Brett Wagner, Mikah 9, Sojourn, and Pigeon John.

Check out the Sphere of Hip Hop Album Review here: https://www.sphereofhiphop.com/2010/09/2mantrio-rocket-surgeons-review/