Heath McNease Releasing “Thrift Store Jesus” February 28

Heath McNease is returning with another free full length album on February 28th. The new record is called Thrift Store Jesus, and is the most “spiritually challenging” album McNease has ever put together.

“This will be, by all accounts, my LEAST alluring album. It won’t have the acquiescent nature that The Gun Show did. It won’t be poppy like The House Always Wins, it won’t be buck wild fun like the mixtapes. But it will be the most important to me personally. It’s just unrestrained lyricism. I touch on everything that matters to me at this point in my life. There’s a ton of observational storytelling, a bit of biography, and a lot of scenarios where I felt like I was playing Devil’s advocate just as much as I was speaking my own conscience. There are so many questions on this album. It covers everything that swirls around the heart of the human condition. I try to tackle topics that are rarely unflinchingly tackled in the musical realm of the religious…and hardly ever given a spiritual perspective in the musical realm of the secular. With no judgments passed or real agendas…I talk about isolation, anxiety, fear, sex, money, loss, grief, doubt, loneliness, dishonesty, selfishness, selflessness, death, the afterlife, redemption, and the general sense of impending doom that we all feel when it’s quiet and there’s no one around to impress. I didn’t want to make a concept album. But I did want to make an album that conceptually sounded like it could’ve been written by the same person on one incredibly cold day. I think it’s my most lyrically honest and daring album. And I feel it’s musically mature without letting the music overshadow the intent,” McNease said.

The album will be available for free on Heath’s Bandcamp, and Heath is generating a lot of buzz by the package offers he’s giving away with donations as well as pre-orders. Fans that donate will get a pre-order digital download on February 21st. For more information on all the donation incentives (including Heath coming to your town to play a show for you and your friends, a recorded song about you, and tons of merch) check out his new website, Heathmcneasemusic.com for the full announcement and how you can participate.