Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 107

Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast

Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast episode 107 is mixed by DJ Stibs. Most artists heard on the Sphere of Hip-Hop podcast have music releases available at SphereofhiphopStore.com. Support the podcast and our site by shopping for music.

In this episode, enjoy tracks from: Alex Faith, Auditory Fabric, BC, Bizzle, Butta P, Change, Christon Gray, Co-Founders, Copywrite, Deraj, Die-Rek, DJ Aslan, Eshon Burgundy, Grand Opus, JustMe, L.A. Symphony, Manchild, Mars ILL, New Skool Spirit, Paradox, Patch Martin, Redeemed Thought, Relic, Ruslan, Shad, Social Club, Willie Moore Jr.

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Play list:
1. Mars Ill – Sphere of Hip-Hop Part 1
2. New Skool Spirit – Golden Banners
3. Relic – A Wink & A Nod
4. Bizzle – Better Way (feat. Willie Moore Jr.)
5. Social Club – Roller Coaster (feat. Butta P & Roslyn)
6. Deraj – No Fear (DJ Stibs Edit)
7. Auditory Fabric – Bottom of the 9th (feat. Patch Martin)
8. Alex Faith – ATLast (feat. Christon Gray)
9. Shad – A Milli Vanilli x Eric B – Paid in Full
10. Grand Opus – Forever
11. LA Symphony – Composition 1
12. Co-Founders – Now Or Never (feat. Mizlogik, ManChild & DJ Aslan)
13. Change – Check One Two (feat. BC )
14. Redeemed Thought – ReLegacy (feat. Melissa T)
15. Jeremiah – Child of God (feat. Eshon Burgundy & Copywrite)
16. Die-Rek – Remember
17. Paradox – Don’t You Know (feat. JustMe & Ruslan) [OG Version]
18. Mars Ill – Sphere of Hip-Hop Part 2

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