Top 10 Albums: Sphere of Hip Hop Store (May 2013)

May 2013 was a bit slower than the earlier part of this year for new albums.

This summer looks to be really awesome with a ton of new records dropping in the next few weeks including: Json “Braille”, R-Swift “Apply Pressure” and The Battery “Two”.

Top 10 Albums: May 2013
1. Shai Linne “Lyrical Theology Pt 1: Theology”
2. Andy Mineo “Heroes for Sale”
3. Sivion “Butterfly Sessions: Remixed by Freddie Bruno”
4. Japhia Life “Westside Pharmacy”
5. W.L.A.K. “We Live As Kings”
6. The Collective “The Collective”
7. Sho Baraka “Talented Xth”
8. Da Truth “Love Hope War”
9. Stephen the Levite “The Last Missionary”
10. Json “Braille” (pre-order)

Other releases we’ve been moving a lot of lately include: ill harmonics “Take Two” 12″ vinyl, JustMe “Full Disclosure”, NomiS “Searching for Alpha Trion”, S.O. “So It Continues”, Wes Pendleton “Love”.

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  1. I own everything on that list except for Andy Mineo (and Json since it hasn’t released yet).

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