Beats Only March 2019

Beats Only March 2019

Beats Only March 2019 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist. Thanks for helping us reach 1,900 followers on Spotify!

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Beats Only March 2019

James Gardin x TheyCallMeHeat “Sweet Jesus” Instrumentals
Finally. We get instrumental versions of several head nodders from this emcee and producer. Heat absolutely kills several tracks on this. Our favorites include: Complaining, Shaky Ground, Chitown Boogie, and World. A strong EP here.

K. Louk “All My Love”
Lots of nice chops on this one. It’s dripping with soul and head nods. Digging the use of the trumpet here.

Playglenthomas “Today”
First appearance on Beats Only for producer Playglenthomas. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best formula. It works well here on Today. Good vibes and lots of head nods.

Playglenthomas “Tonight”
Usually when a producer hits us with a few tracks at the same time, the collective group falls well short. Playglenthomas hits 2 for 3. This one draws on what he did with Today. Tonight has that chilled vibe we love.

Antagonist Dragonspit “Silver Dinah”
This one knocks. Antagonist Dragonspit is an emcee/producer from the Hampton Roads or Tidewater Area of Virginia. Look up his current beat tape, The Wreckage Beat Tape, on Bandcamp.

EMERLD “Russian Lovin'”
Great sample flip here. Really into what EMERLD (Cologne, Germany) did on this one. If you dig this track, stream the full tape.

The new tape from EMERLD is an ode to nostalgia, cinema, and epic soundtracks, what better way to encapsulate all three than with James Bond theme songs.

Smoking Indoors “Hate It Or Love It”
Love the drum programming on this one. Draws me back to Digable Planets. This one feels good. First appearance on Beats Only.

Kulma “Need Some Time”
Kulma drops off a melancholy jazzy track “Need Some Time”. It’s off his Polar Opposite Records release Goosetape. Grab the tape on Bandcamp if you’re feeling the track.

Kub “Magic”
The Ill Records squad is deep. Kub is a new artist to us and the first drop is a good one. The video is really well done.

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