Soulseize – Mobula

Mobula by Soulseize

We love Mobula from Swiss beatmaker Soulseize.

Now here’s what I want you to do. Follow instructions. Close your eyes and picture yourself walking into a smoky, misty, atmospheric Jazz club in 1960s New York. See it. Feel it. Oh yeah. The new single from Soulseize is time travel in its most flagrantly funky form.

This particular groove is a real chill slice of smooth. Soulseize’s mix of suggestive saxophones, thick snares and curious cymbals will get you open instantly and drop your heart rate to the most harmonious level of tranquil. For those of you who prefer to turn down than turn up, this is for you.

Mobula is out now on Illect Recordings.

Written by Christopher Mitchell for Breaking Atoms.

Stream or download free on Bandcamp.

Audio: Mobula