Sareem Poems & Terem release Growing single

Growing single by Sareem Poems and Terem

The Growing single is yet another dope cut from Sareem Poems & Terem.

Sareem Poems shares, “”Growing” is a song of reflection and realizing that adulthood isn’t much different from childhood. I have new toys, loves, hates, wants and dreams. Only now, there are the added pressures of being an adult. Working, handling bills and taking care of a family. How I handle trials and tribulations has shown me just how much growing up I still need to do.”

“Fun, friends, and family are important. The ability to find joy in the simple things is necessary. Attempting to make life rigid and super serious doesn’t work for me. Having the time to wrestle, play super heroes and discover new toys with my sons is incredibly important. I’m a grown man, growing in my faith… working to out grow in spit of my fears and insecurities.”

Growing single

Sareem Poems & Terem are releasing A Pond Apart via Illect Recordings on July 28th, 2017.