Why is Raging Moses “Feeling Like A G”?

Feeling Like A G by Raging Moses

We’re excited to premiere “Feeling Like A G” from Raging Moses. The single is his first with Illect Recordings.

Raging Moses shares what inspired him to write the track:

“The heart of the neighborhood I grew up in is a street called Platte Ave. It also happens to be an epicenter for cannabis legalization in Colorado. So seeing a new marijuana dispensary open on this street is nothing new (there are always about 10-15 open at anytime on the roughly 1 mile section of the busy road). But one day coming out of the mechanics I noticed that a strip club, which had been in business since I was kid, was now converting to a marijuana shop. In the back of my mind was something I had recently read that used the phrase “whatever your soul lusts.” In that moment “Feeling Like a G” was born.”

“I seen ’em turn a strip club / to a weed spot / money movin it depend on what you need now / what’s your soul lust…”

“It’s like the world doesn’t care what you want, just as long as you pay and the government gets their cut, everyone is happy. That observation opened my mind to what became a song of many observations. Not really meant to be negative or positive, just observations.”

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Feeling Like A G

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