J. Rhodan “Each Sold Separately” releases February 24

Each Sold Separately by J. Rhodan via Illect Recordings

Each Sold Separately is the new EP release from J. Rhodan and Illect Recordings.

J. Rhodan has had a busy 2017 already having released the Sorry It’s A Tape beat tape just weeks ago.

The project showcases J. Rhodan’s trademark approach to production, beats dripping with soul. Look no further than the lead single “Honey” featuring Taelor Gray & Sean C. Johnson.

Each Sold Separately track list
1. One Size Fits All (feat. Shiwan)
2. Hidden Fee$ (feat. Jav Mendez & DJ Because)
3. Honey (feat. Taelor Gray & Sean C. Johnson)
4. Nor (feat. Jordan Nitchoff & Roz Welch)
5. Deadstock
6. The Casino II (feat. Fro Wundas, Armond WakeUp & Martyr Thompson)

Download the EP at iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play. Stream at Spotify and Apple Music.

Cover art by Shungu.


Sorry It’s A Tape