Stream MidCentury Modern’s “The Goodness”

Stream MidCentury Modern The Goodness

Stream MidCentury Modern’s new album The Goodness. It released Friday December 16th, 2016 via Illect Recordings.

MidCentury Modern is Rheomatic on the beats and Sintax the Terrific on the rhymes.

Track list
1. Intro
2. Mad Men (feat. Evitan [Dres of Black Sheep & Jarobi of ATCQ])
3. Rip Mics Van Winkle (feat. Miles Bonny)
4. Billy Elliot
5. Legends Of The Fall
6. Rogue Wave
7. The Goodness (feat. Sivion, Manchild, & Boog Brown)
8. Memory There
9. The Jetsons
10. The Voice
11. Happy Days ($2.50s)
12. Muscle Confusion (Shake Weight) [feat. Krum]
13. Pre-Loved Goods
14. Frank Lloyd Write
15. Mary & Martha (feat. Elias Wallace)
16. Salvation’s Army
17. My Life In Documentary (feat. Tate Kelly)
18. They Will Know (feat. Derek Webb)

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Stream MidCentury Modern