Top 10 Albums: Sphere of Hip Hop Store (March 2013)

March 2013 delivered some nice new releases including a smash hit with the W.L.A.K. “We Live As Kings” release. Also releasing during the month was a new collaborative project called The Collective which is Timothy Brindle, Stephen the Levite and Zae da Blacksmith.

Two pre-order releases even made the chart: Shai Linne and Andy Mineo.

Top 10 Albums: March 2013
1. W.L.A.K. “We Live As Kings”
2. Japhia Life “Westside Pharmacy”
3. Da Truth “Love Hope War”
4. The Collective “The Collective”
5. Sho Baraka “Talented Xth”
6. Sivion “Butterfly Sessions: Remixed by Freddie Bruno”
7. Shai Linne “Lyrical Theology Pt 1: Theology” (pre-order)
8. Andy Mineo “Heroes for Sale” (pre-order)
9. Lecrae “Gravity”
10. JustMe “Full Disclosure”

Chart is compiled based on actual sales via