10 Years of Illect Recordings – Episode 001

This May marks the beginning of the 10th year of the Illect Recordings record label. The label has released many fresh records and their catalog spans over 60 releases. You’ve heard their music on television commercials and programs, video game soundtracks and many other formats. They’ve had album featured on the front page of iTunes and #1 chart positions at Amazon.com among other accolades. They remain committed to releasing fresh hip-hop. We’ve seen a glimpse of what their 2012 schedule looks like and it appears that year 10 will be a banner year for the label.

They’ve started a podcast and here is their first episode. It features tracks spanning the labels history. Shop for Illect Recordings music and gear.

10 Years of Illect Recordings – Episode 001 play list
1. Stu Dent – Longest Night (Nephilim: Act of God 1)
2. illtripp – Blink (Dialog of the Downtrodden)
3. Sivion – In the Know (Mood Enhancement)
4. Sintax the Terrific – Curb Appeal (Curb Appeal)
5. Falling Tsar – Medusa (Falling Tsar)
6. Scribbling Idiots – Is That You (The Have Nots)
7. JustMe – All I Know (Before the Twilight)
8. Peace 586 – Alien Workshop feat. Sojourn (aBle)
9. The Battery – Pavlov’s Dog (One)
10. Jaq – Hold On feat. Manchild (Escape from Radio Prison)