The Battery Release Debut Album “One”

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It’s perfectly understandable to think that a relationship might become a little stale after 20 years. Whether things just don’t “click” like they used to, the flame has slowly dwindled, or maybe the two sides have simply grown apart over the years, sometimes the passing of time takes its toll. Luckily for hip-hop fans, this hasn’t been the case for left-coast veterans Jurny Big and Peace 586. The duo have both been involved in a variety of projects over the years (think Freedom of Soul, LPG, Tunnel Rats) and now have exclusively joined forces for their newest project, The Battery. Their new album One serves as testament to the bond formed between the two over the past two decades.

For many fans, a project combining the legendary rhyme skills of Jurny Big and the masterful production of Peace 586 may have seemed like a long time coming, but make no mistake, this project has been a labor of love and has been just as anticipated by both of its members. “We talked about doing something like this years ago, but nothing ever came of it,” says Peace. “The process has had its ups and downs, but we’re definitely happy to finally have something complete.” With the release of One, The Battery have come full circle in their musical journey with a release as mature and well-crafted as one would expect from such seasoned veterans.

Don’t get it twisted though, just because Jurny and Peace have been in the game for a minute doesn’t mean that they’ve worn out their welcome or grown tired in their sound. Instead, The Battery has sparked new life into the duo and allowed their creative juices to flow just as freely as they did back in the days of The Earthworm. “For the most part, this isn’t anything new for the both of us. We’ve been creating music together for about 20 years now,” says Peace. “The only thing that has changed is our ages and family situations. That’s it.”

One is the perfect example of two hip hop pioneers that continue to break ground and set the standard for everyone else in the genre. No one would have blamed Jurny and Peace for being content to let their past work continue to speak for itself – they’ve earned that right. Instead, The Battery is here to show the world that these two are far from finished and that their penchant for creating innovative hip-hop doesn’t have an expiration date. “We both trip on how time just flew past and that’s why I think that time isn’t an issue for us when it comes to creating. We just do what we do.”

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  1. Tight CD!! I should of figured nothing less from two of the best in Hip-Hop. Peace 586 and Jurny Big, these cats are dope!!

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