Rawsrvnt releases “On Fire” single featuring Pettidee and others

Soul Deep Records is proud to announce the On Fire project featuring Richie Righteous, Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus, Pettidee & D-Maub.

Soul Deep Records & Rawsrvnt (Eddy Puyol) have been busy since the re-release of No Ordinary Love, his 5th studio album, which features the Billboard hit “On Fire” and two new songs.

“I’m so excited that “On Fire” has become a Billboard hit and an anthem for believers to chant how God’s love makes them feel.” Rawsrvnt says, “The response we’ve been getting from this record has been amazing! I’ve always wanted to make a song that would quake in stadiums and churches around the globe that professed my love for Jesus Christ and “On Fire” is doing just that!”

“On Fire,” produced by Chuck Hemann, not only charted on the Billboard Christian Rock charts but landed at #1 on the Effect Radio Network. Drew Hartney, Program/Music Director for Effect Radio, said, “When you find an artist that is able to relay to the listener the passion and love that they felt when they conceived the song, that’s when you’ve found something good! But, when you find an artist who’s been given that gift and his passion and love for Jesus Christ are the source of the music, now that is when you’ve found something extraordinary! That is Rawsrvnt!”

Rawsrvnt is openly recognized as a key leader in the Hip-Hop Worship movement that is breaking through denominational and musical barriers worldwide. Keeping up with his title, Hip-Hop Worship Pioneer, Rawsrvnt has called on his friends from different labels and areas around the globe to push the movement forward and bring unity to the genre. The “On Fire” project will be released worldwide on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 through all major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) as well as YouTube and features different versions of the Billboard hit with Richie Righteous, Brad Dring of Rapture Ruckus, Pettidee & D-Maub.