Verbal Kwest release debut album “Batman & Batman”

Verbal Kwest, the duo known in the Christian Hip Hop community as BreevEazie & J.Kwest, are set to release their first studio album together, entitled, Batman & Batman. While suggesting their childhood dreams of being actual superheroes, the album is about the divine call to be and do SUPER in the world despite human limitations. Verbal Kwest believe that in each person resides the brokenness of a Bruce Wayne and the power of a Batman.

With a firm June 14th release date, Verbal Kwest have already announced “Testify” as B&B’s lead single, featuring Brian Wesley (BET, “Sunday’s Best”), and are behind the popular #TESTIFYTUESDAY social media campaign. Along with the release of the album, VK is releasing a mixtape for free download, entitled, The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne. According to J.Kwest, “The Autobiography… is a retrospect that tells the story of Verbal Kwest, breaks down the BATMAN concept, and introduces PureMusic in a fun and free way.”