NomiS releases new single “Back It Up Move”

NomiS has made a reputation for himself of contributing music that stays true to the elements that hip-hop was founded upon. Now NomiS releases a fresh new single in 2011 that seems to contradict everything he’s known for. “Back It Up Move” will leave NomiS purists with a question mark on their minds, while grabbing the attention of new listeners at the same time. That being said, “Back It Up Move” will NOT be on the highly anticipated, “Searching For Alpha Trion” album that will be released later in 2011 and in no way represents the sound or theme of that album. The song is available for download on iTunes and on NomiS’ Bandcamp website.


  1. I honestly get this joint. It’s a flipside of the usual party/club songs that you normally hear. Instead of telling girls to back that “thang” up on him, he’s telling them to give him space. It’s genius that went over people’s heads!

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