Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 100

Episode 100 of the Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast is now available. Hosted by Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots. Most artists heard on the Sphere of Hip-Hop podcast have music releases available at SphereofhiphopStore.com.

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Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 100 (MP3, 63MB, 01:05:47)

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In this Episode
ASims, BlackBolt, Brotha Soul, Cas Metah, Clutch, Copywrite, Freddie Bruno, Griffin, Japhia Life, Jaq, MC Forty, Mr. J Medeiros, Pettidee, Phirious, Praverb, Re:Flex the Architect, Relic, Rezadent, Ruffian, Sev Statik, Shaw Bihl, Sheff’s Kitchen, Sivion, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown

Play list:
1. Re:Flex the Architect – No Acronym
2. Praverb – Professional Hobbyist (The Fundamics remix)
3. BlackBolt – Long Live The King
4. Mr. J Medeiros – The Marquee (Imperial remix)
5. Japhia Life – Full Moon (feat. David James)
6. Shaw Bihl & Cas Metah – Coal Miners (feat. Ruffian & Wonder Brown)
7. Griffin & Jaq – Lift Off
8. Sheff’s Kitchen – Just Watchin’
9. Relic – The Extra Mile (feat. Brotha Soul)
10. MC Forty & Clutch – Waiting For The Sun
11. Rezadent & Phirious – The 30th Floor
12. ASims – Where The Wild Things Are (feat. Theory Hazit)
13. Sev Statik – Take It Light
14. Sivion – Older Now (Freddie Bruno remix)
15. Pettidee – Tell The Truth (RIP Pimp C)
16. MHz Legacy (Copywrite & Tage Future) – Mass Temple
17. Wonder Brown – Apocalips Now

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  1. Peace Jay! We’re sad too. He’s leaving his hosting job for the Podcast because he’s on the road touring with Scribbling Idiots. That’s not to say we won’t see him back at some point.

    DJ Stibs will be doing them from now on and will be mixing them together, proper mixtape style.

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