Sareem Poems & Newselph – I Don’t Know

I Dont Know by Sareem Poems and Newselph

Even though we’ve just entered into the year of our Lord 2020, one thing is certain. We the people, still have too many questions and not enough answers.

Following on from their smash hit album, 88 To Now, Sareem Poems comes straight out the gate for a Q & A session over Newselph’s syrupy countrified funk. He poses questions around a surplus of issues including city life, poverty, depression, parenting and segregation to name a few. Does he have a solution for all these sociological ills? His answer serves as the chorus refrain: “I don’t know”. Even though uncertainty abounds, one thing is for sure. This new single will challenge you to find the clarity in your chaos.

I Don’t Know released Friday 3rd January 2020 on Illect Recordings.

Audio: I Don’t Know