Beats Only January 2018

Beats Only January 2018

Beats Only January 2018 edition with rolling updates and additions. Instrumental hip-hop.

Enjoy selections from our submission inbox and our Beats Only Spotify playlist.

Teck-Zilla “Turbulence Musique”
This one is perfect for your travel soundtrack. Mellow soulful vibes. The track draws inspiration from Teck-Zilla’s frequent travels.

Benhurzz “Artesian”
Delightfully headnoddable track from UK based producer. A calming jazz-infused trap/hip-hop lo-fi instrumental. Had this on repeat for a while now.

D Stellar “Stellar Tapes Pt. 1”
We dig production that tells a story… this is just that. It’s not merely repetitious loops and samples. It evolves. Lots of live instrumentation on this as well… always a welcome thing for our ears. Hearing some subtle Menahan Street Band vibes here too.

za4emmne “Analog Horse”
Russian producer za4emmne dropped this track that they describe as “… a soft and relaxing atmosphere with multi-genred intelligent sound that perfectly reflects labels philosophy.” If this is the case, we want to hear more.

GullyHuTcH “Oh Yeah”
Solid sample chops on this one from GullyHuTcH. Heavy vocal samples are usually a turn off for us but is executed nicely here on “Oh Yeah”. Give it a spin.

Big O “Don’t Worry About Me”
As with Nightlights (see below), this is another solid track from this producer. It’s a bit brighter and probably has more replay value for us. Listen up.

Big O “Nightlights”
We’ve featured this producer before and the newest joints do not disappoint. Nightlights has a smooth boom bap vibe to it. Easy to get lost in this one.

Big O “Crazy Trip (Bonus beat)”
And another one. Really digging this producers sound.

Big O “Reflection (Instrumental)”
Reflection is a great title for this one. Get lost in it.

Yoni Arbel “Oakland (Instrumental)”
Live band. Jazzy. Gooood vibes here. Listen all the way through.

Dusty. Boom bap. Another nice production piece from VIOLENTLYILL. Features a few vocal samples from Nas.

BLUe “Lovesick”
Dutch producer sends along a new track and one of the more funny pitches we’ve seen in a while… “Just a wannabe bedroom producer passing by. It’s so-so and the drop is okay.” We’ll let you decide.

Jabbar “Into the Harshness”
Love a good concept behind an artists creation… the title for this one is spot on. It’s a bit of a harsh listen but progresses nicely… digging this one. Reminds me of Teebs.

Osvaldo “Growth Spurt”
Instrumental track from Osvaldo. His pitch stated that he played the instruments live onto cassette tape… really cool approach. Have a listen.

PAAD “Off”
South Korean producer Paad drops off a new track. The first 90 seconds is our favorite part of the instrumental.

shan “Excuse Me”
New track from Australian producer, shan. It’s dark. Moody. Lofi. This one takes an interesting turn about a minute in.

The Abnorm “Boom Talk Vol. 1”
Kansas City, MO based emcee/producer The Abnorm sends along a visual medley of beats. Digging the vibes here. Cool angle to include a visual along with the instrumentals. 11 minutes. Worth the listen.

We’re growing to be big fans of this producer. His instrumental tracks have a little extra character and tell a story without lyrics. This visual adds to the story-line of Paradox. An interesting perspective on life and death.

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