Armond WakeUp releases video for “The Hold”

Watch The Hold music video by Armond WakeUp

“The Hold” is the lead single from Armond WakeUp’s 40 Days EP, available now via Illect Recordings.

The track features production by Wes Pendleton and the visual was directed by Armond himself.

Armond shares, “The Hold is a special record to me because it captures a question that God consistently asks me…”what are you holding onto?” It could be a mindset, a person, a fear, anything. And we build these walls with ways that we think and cement them with how we feel. We think those things keep hurt and pain out, and they do. But they also keep any sort of healing and restoration from getting in.

This is the first time I’ve directed and edited a music video, so this was new. Often when I create, I see what I wanna hear, so bringing this to life was an amazing experience. Shoutout every photographer, videographer, and director because they have an eye from God. It’s incredible.

The 40 Days EP cements why Armond WakeUp is one of our favorite artists.

Video: The Hold

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