Change gets transparent on his new EP EmotionL

EmotionL by Change

Eight years, two months, and nine days… and the wait is finally over! Courtesy of Illect Recordings, Change has finally released a new project, and it’s his most daring, most transparent work to date. EmotionL is a 10 track EP aimed directly at the inner core of the listener. Change intentionally challenges himself, his thought process, his inner man, and human nature, in a daring yet lyrical cascade of self reflection.

EmotionL is not for the casual listener, as it will grab you, challenge your thought process, and cause you to reflect on life, and who you want to be… or better yet, who you should be. With incredible production from the likes of J. Rhodan and Tee-Wyla driving the soundscape, this lyrical introspective tale is set to captivate and motivate at the same time.

Change shares, “I’ve been behind the scenes for the last eight years… Helping other artists do their thing. But I couldn’t sit silent anymore… There’s been so much going on inside of me, and I needed to tell this story. I needed to strip away the facade and false pretenses of this genre, and make music that real people can relate to.”

EmotionL reveals a journey that all of us can relate to. A story of self doubt, fear, and pain. As well as grace and forgiveness… Change is joined by two incredible lyricists and featured guests as both Datin (God Over Money) and Raging Moses (Illect Recordings) make stunning contributions on this release. EmotionL is Change’s first full project under the Illect Recordings banner, and hopefully just the beginning for this underrated and overlooked emcee from Michigan. Do yourself a favor, and make sure to cop this at your favorite music provider. You can thank us later.

EmotionL Track list
1. Worthless (Intro)
2. I Can’t Deal
3. Feels Like Nothing
4. Son Shine (feat. Datin)
5. Not Mine
6. Intergalactic (feat. Raging Moses)
7. Growing Pains
8. The Pledge (Interlude)
9. White Privilege
10. Through Your Eyes (Outro)

Production credits
1, 6, 7, 9 Tee-Wyla
2, 5, 10 J. Rhodan
3 Johnny Bishop
4 Cephas

Audio: EmotionL

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