K. Sparks releases Make America Fake Again single

Make America Fake Again by K. Sparks

Make America Fake Again is the second single from K. Sparks collaborative album with producer Es-K entitled Urban Couture.

“The song discusses the various racial and political dynamics within our society in these present times”. The album took two years to complete due to containing live instrumentation from various musicians from several locations. Fusions of Jazz, Neo Soul & Hip-Hop can all be traced within various layers of the project.

“See it’s not even fair you can’t tell me how the stock markets doing, yet you know what happened last night on the BET awards or the latest Jordan shoe and” – K. Sparks

Urban Couture will be released on October 15, 2017, and is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Vinyl available soon.

Audio: Make America Fake Again