Armond WakeUp Rap Is Wrestling, Wrestling Is Life & Wrestlemania 33 predictions

Rap Is Wrestling, Wrestling Is Life by Armond WakeUp

If you know Armond WakeUp you know he’s a fan of wrestling. He drops off his Rap Is Wrestling, Wrestling Is Life single for us. In addition, he has a vlog with his Wrestlemania 33 predictions.

Armond shares, “Many people grew up with Batman, Superman & the X-Men as their superheroes…larger than life characters that provided an escape from reality. That was never me. Ever since I saw Sting put Larry Zybysko in the Scorpion Death Lock at the end of a WCW Saturday Night & wouldn’t let go, I’ve been obsessed with wrestling. The thing about wrestling was, it was a never ending story filled with twists & turns. It had just enough escapism to help me suspend belief, but it had a level of reality that in an odd way helped me get through life. Vince McMahon is a tortured genius(read his Playboy interview from 2000)& every Monday night, his mind took center stage in my living room. How else would you be able to get characters from all walks of life under one roof (& in one ring)?

Anyway, I’m rambling. I decided to pay tribute to the thing that shaped much of my life. This was originally supposed to be a project, but time…so enjoy this freestyle. For now.

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Rap Is Wrestling, Wrestling Is Life

WWE Wrestlemania 33 Predictions