Mogli the Iceburg shares about mixed heritage on “You Can’t Hold Me Down”

Mogli the Iceburg single You Cant Hold Me Down

Mogli the Iceburg dropped this one on us a few weeks back. He shares a story that many people in America can identify with.

?You Can’t Hold Me Down is a song I feel like its taken years for me to write. As someone of mixed heritage who doesn’t have a solid racial/ethnic identity, life poses a lot of questions; especially in a climate where race is such a hot-button political issue. It took years for me to realize that I don’t have to try to pretend that I am one thing or another, I’m exactly who God made me to be, and there a millions of people who share the same experience who need to be reminded of that,” Mogli the Iceburg shared.

Hear the single below or on the Selections Playlist on Spotify.

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Audio: Mogli the Iceburg