RP Tha Chozen 1 “The Gump”

RP Tha Chozen 1 - The Gump

RP Tha Chozen 1 is likely a new name to you. He’s signed to the Rebel Genius label out of San Diego, CA. “The Gump” is his latest single and is a story of perseverance in the midst of trial.

RP Tha Chozen 1 was born and raised in San Diego CA, an NFL hopeful whose dreams were cut down by a freak injury. With a need to communicate his frustration, RP took to writing. Under the guidance of his uncle he defined his voice, a dynamic lyrical style in which he combines intricate word playing lyricism with melodic chants. Soon after he found himself as an artist, RP signed to Rebel Genius Records. RP’s music continues to be his sound board for life, magnifying his desire to live righteously and his personal struggles with that pursuit.

RP Tha Chozen 1’s track entitled “The Gump” is inspired by the film Forrest Gump. Throughout his life RP has dealt with others telling him all the things he would never be able to accomplish. He took those limitations and used them as fuel to propel himself forward in life. Similar to that of Tom Hanks’ character in Forrest Gump, RP continues to exceed the expectations of the doubtful and rise to the occasion.

If you dig the sounds… Check out RP Tha Chozen 1 The Harvest on iTunes.

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