Alive and Kair One “Matter of Fact” video

Alive and Kair One - Matter of Fact video

Alive and Kair One sighting! We’ve been digging these guys since first stumbling on to their crews mixtape in 1999. The Innernationals dropped this dope mixtape called “Rock of Ages” that featured guest spots from Shames Worthy and Jurny Big. If you can, seek it out… this song that Jurny did called “Time” is really dope. Then Shames Worthy & Jurny collabed on an early version of “Mic Masters” that later appeared on Jurny’s solo debut Biggest Of Them All. Actually… see below…

Alive & Philharmonik (aka Jurny Big) “Time”
Shame (aka Shames Worthy) & Philharmonik (aka Jurny Big) “Mic Master”

Most recently, you’ve heard Kair One cutting on songs by The Battery (Peace 586 & Jurny Big).

Hope to see more from Alive & Kair One soon. Until then, enjoy this new joint.

Video: Alive and Kair One “Matter of Fact”