NomiS shares Socially Just album details

Socially Just album by NomiS

Here are the Socially Just album details. The track list looks pretty dope and we know the single/video for “Traffic” is dope already. NomiS “Socially Just” hits all digital outlets Friday November 13, 2015.

It’s been 3 years since the last official release from the Oceanside California native known as Nomis. In that time, Nomis has re-prioritized his position as an artist and the direction of his music. We’ve seen more and more glimpses of Nomis’ passion for Social Justice as he’s been very outspoken on current issues such as Human Trafficking and Law Enforcement.

Being a HipHop & Spoken Word artist who openly takes a stand for Social Justice is something he has now embraced with open arms. We’ve seen similar versions of this in the past with legends such as KRS ONE and Public Enemy. We even see pieces of it from a few current artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco. But with the album “Socially Just”, HipHop will finally get a “socially conscious” project where the themes expand further than just the issues of our neighborhoods and the inner city.

While creating awareness, “Socially Just” will quickly become the soundtrack to anyone who holds a level of concern for the often disproportionate distribution of opportunity and privilege. Though the themes are heavy, it won’t depress you but rather encourage you. The album is informative yet innovative. Driven by substance without sacrificing the craft of MCing. “Socially Just” is the sound of the masses gathering as one.

NomiS Socially Just album track list
1. Socially Just
2. Make Your Voice Heard
3. Traffic (feat. John Givez)
4. Smile
5. Prevail (feat. Propaganda)
6. Flaw
7. Theme Music (Life In Motion)
8. Filthy Rich
9. Dr. Malcolm (feat. Jurny Big)
10. Green Mile
11. Love God, Love People
12. Violence Within the Violin
13. Bonus: More Than Meets the Eye (feat. Sojourn, JGivens, Kahlee)

All tracks Produced by Nomis except, “Traffic” Co-Produced by Nomis & Anthony Cruz, “Dr. Malcolm” Produced by Anthony Cruz, and “Violence Within the Violin” Produced by DJ Rek.

Pre-order the Socially Just album at iTunes.

Video: NomiS “Traffic (feat. John Givez)”