Cas Metah releases 4th solo LP, Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned by Cas Metah

Old Fashioned is Cas Metah’s 4th solo LP. It’s got a definitively golden era vibe to it and features DJ cuts on almost every track. We can get with that! This one has something for every true hip-hop head.

The Old Fashioned project dropped this week. It’s available in several formats including: CD, Digital, and Cassette Tape via Bandcamp.

Cas Metah Old Fashioned track list
1. Built To Swing
2. Force Of The Beast (Remix)
3. Jason Bourne (feat. June Marx & Kevlaar 7)
4. Mary, Candy & Crystal
5. Lady
6. One Nation Under Fraud
7. Can’t Understand (feat. Ruffian & Blueprint)
8. Fire (feat. JustMe)
9. Looking Back (feat. Donte of Mood, Mellow Drum Addict & Thee Tom Hardy)
10. Felony Offenders (feat. Playdough, Deacon The Villain & Copywrite)
11. Ultimate Warriors (feat. Sheisty Khrist & Zero Star)
12. Night Night
13. Forget About It
14. Truly Cinematic (feat. MotionPlus, Lyriz, Mouf Warren, RationaL, Wonder Brown & ReFlex the Architect)
15. Force Of The Beast (Original)

Turntablism by EF Cuttin on 1,2,4,6,10 & 15
Turntablism by Mista Sinista on 2,5,6,11 & 15
Turntablism by Bombeardo 12

1 JustMe
2 ReFlex the Architect
3 MattmaN
4, 7, 14 Soulseize
5 Theory Hazit
6, 11 Jon Rogers
8, 13 Jaq
9, 10 Defizit
12 Bombeardo
15 So Crates

Stream: Cas Metah “Old Fashioned”


  1. I Bought this CD. Cas Metah at his finest. Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy or the digital download odd his Bandcamp!

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