Tragic Hero My Own Worst Enemy release details

Tragic Hero My Own Worst Enemy cover

We just got wind of album release details for Tragic Hero’s My Own Worst Enemy project.

Two years after releasing the critically acclaimed project, The Resistance with Wes Pendleton, Tragic Hero is finally ready to release his debut album titled, My Own Worst Enemy. The New Jersey MC has been quietly working for almost a year on what is set to be his most personal project to date.

The album cover speaks on the self-destructive nature of man and the ongoing inner struggle that most listeners can relate to.” Tragic Hero says in reference to the album cover.

The idea for the album cover was first conceptualized by Esteban Shedd (Humble Beast Records) with Tragic Hero, and then later executed by Adam Smith for Scouts Honor Media. Tragic Hero has already released his first single titled, “Winter”, which can be purchased on iTunes and streamed below.

The new album is set to release in May, 2015.

Preview Winter off of My Own Worst Enemy


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