Soul Williams “More Love” (prod. Tall Black Guy) music video

Soul Williams dropped the single “More Love” in our inbox a few months back. It’s tough to get excited about submissions from artists we’re not familiar with because often they are underwhelming or otherwise outside of the scope of what we post. This one was different. Now we present the video.

Tall Black Guy provides the beat production for “More Love”. Always a fan of his material and you might become a fan after hearing this one. Check out the video and let us know what you think here in the comments or on YouTube.

Soul Williams finally delivers his very first, highly anticipated, Music Visual Letter, “More Love”. This was the First Musical Letter/Single off his debut album entitled: Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Vol. 1. This non-complex, Visual Letter features beautiful imagery of his city he Loves, #OKC with some of his closest family and friends! Sit back and relax and enjoy the visuals!! With ALL SMILES, SIMPLICITY & LOVE embedded into this imagery, Soul Williams hopes to Inspire the World to Live Out Love…. Plain and Simple!! Will you join the [LOL] movement? Well Live It Out…..LOVE!

Filmed & Directed by Dillon Chase for 2.11 Films
Video Treatment by Codey & Charmaine Williams for L8Bloomer Films

Download: Soul Williams “More Love”


  1. I would almost believe this was a lost video from the 90’s. This type of song is why real hip hop will never die, no matter what the radio’s playing. Excellent!

  2. Wow. The Major 7th in the beginning hit me. Anybody knows the piano chord progressions to this song. The quality, beat, style is rad. Wow. It sounds real old too. Blow me down. I’m checking this brother’s music out. Nice stuff.

  3. Totally agree with the first commenter. This track takes me back to chilling with the fam with the music playing. I can’t wait to hear more of his stuff!!

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