Ozay Moore & Tall Black Guy “WSTCST” single

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Ozay Moore’s In The Wake Of O album (Illect Recordings) is buzzing heavy right now. The latest single from the project is the Tall Black Guy produced “WSTCST”.

Ozay shares, “In carrying out the theme of past, present and future on “In the Wake Of O”, It was important to follow up the notion of contentment heard on “Where You At?” with (of course) a statement of reflection and longing. In my case, that’s to one day return home to the WSTCST (West Coast)… namely Seattle… my birthplace.

Tall Black Guy shot me the beat as it was going to be a track for a collab album we were talking about working on. Being that I was already in the process of building “In the Wake Of O”, I petitioned it make the album. I knew once it was written that we had a serious joint on our hands. Once Tony Ozier laced the hook and Teeko touched it with the Talk Box… it was a wrap! This is for the W!


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