Sheff’s Kitchen releasing self titled EP January 29th

The idea behind this EP is to “Feed you right without the hype.” Sheff’s Kitchen uses ingredients that stimulate the mind and awaken the spirit. They challenge people to transcend situations and circumstances. Sheff’s Kitchen creates a place where the listener can find hope and encourages them to never settle but to always move toward greatness. This album calls for us not to feed into how we are told things should be, but to have our own philosophies that stem from seeking out the Truth.

The EP is scheduled for a January 29th, 2013 release date.

Sheff’s Kitchen EP track listing:
1. Huhnger Geymz
2. Glahses
3. Spit Shine
4. Refohkuhs
5. Reluhvuhns
6. Just Watchin’
7. Lawst
8. Foundeyshuhn
9. Glahses (Remix) (feat. Substantial)

Beats: 1-9 Kenju