Sho Baraka “Jim Crow” Explained + Interview and Lyrics (Video / MP3)

This track is causing waves throughout the hip-hop scene and amongst Sho Baraka’s fan base. Our hope is that the song is a catalyst for change. Below you’ll find some information on the song to better understand his goal in releasing the track.

Explanation of “Jim Crow”
“N**** island is a place where oppression, ignorance and miseducation is celebrated and propagated. Racial self loathing is masked with satire and wit. It’s a place where the exceptional die and mediocrity is contagious. Escape is recommend but highly dangerous.” – Jon Parker

For centuries racial tension has been the elephant in America’s living room. Many choose to ignore the pain and injustice around them. Some reproduce this culture of ignorance because of miseducation. How can we have reasonable discussions on these issues that lead to healthy relationships and understanding? First we must not be afraid to bring to light the many obstacles that plague our society. Jim Crow is that very song. It is a shout from the auction blocks against the apathy of today’s pseudo post-racial society. It’s a challenge to both the majority and minority.

Sho Baraka “Jim Crow”

Video Interview

Lyrics for “Jim Crow”
I feel I’m trapped in a crazy place.
Asking the Lord for amazing grace.
I see the masses wanna change me.
I’m waiting for someone to save me.
Until then, until then.
(2 x)
I guess I’m stuck here on ni**ga island.
Yeah, when ni**ga’s be wildin’.
Yeah, and color is violence.
Yeah, moment of silence.

Verse 1
I am the invisible man, though I have a soul
I am from an invisible land
They gave me a slave pen for my freedom of speech
Yeah, I’m tryin’ a leave the island, but swimming through bleach
Come on son, why you always ruin the move
Race talks happens every time you enter the room
Cause, there’s ignorance in the masses
Too many people think racism is past tense
We fight for blackness, but we don’t know what black is
I know it ain’t the zero sum of white men
There wanna know how to reach the hood like there’s magic
Like we’re all the same, huh, like we’re not dynamic
Hollywood wants to pimp us to get dough
Exploit us but give us money, somebody say “Hoe”
Yeah, let’s take those movies and them TV shows
Be a token or a player, Uncle Tom row
Or be a magic negro, until the day I’m gone
Help the white man reach his goal, but never reach my own
Or an oversexed male, even a coon
A young male who loves ignorance, prays in his doom
Until then


Verse 2
Say hello to the great cultural brainwash
Washing my brain through some of the thangs the race talk
Miseducate, colonize, divide, teach beauty is straight hair
And the bluest of eyes, and because of lies
I’m debating Five Percenters
How a Mid East movement is gonna be a white man’s religion
How the privileged man says it’s time to move forward
And say the game’s fair when he monopolize the board
And corporate greed just manipulates the poor
Outside the hood I don’t see liquor stores
I know God’s Sovereign and I should pray about it
But a man won’t stop it, if it increases its profits
And most, they realistic with the flow, they make music for the streets
But I don’t see em at the show
So, instead the truth, they rather be duped
I guess they want me to do more songs for youth groups
Until then


Verse 3
Yeah, I got a double consciousness, but I’m still in touch
Cops got my hands in the air so I ain’t feeling much
Looking for protection, all I can see is tyrants
I’m fighting them coons and thugs, racists and Don Imus
That lady you call hope, that’s my lover
That woman you call b*tch, that’s my mother
Them boys that you kill, them my brothers
Send the ship to the island, we can rescue some others
Did they fight for civil rights so we can sit on gold
I can’t walk in your shoes, you keep selling your soul
No, ain’t much Booker T. when you look at me
But a whole lot of Du Bois making noise, but until then


Verse 4
Here we are, put on a show
Dance the jig, go Jim Crow
Here we are, put on a show
Dance the jig, go monkey go
Here we are, put on a show
Dance the jig, go Jim Crow
Go Jim Crow, say go Jim Crow
Go Jim Crow, say go monkey go
Yeah, it’s what you want me to do, right?
It’s what you want me to do, right?
Are you entertained?
It’s what you want me to do, right?
Are you entertained?
It’s what you want me to do.

The unedited version of “Jim Crow” is available at iTunes. The CD version of “Talented Xth” is available at It includes 2 CD exclusive bonus tracks and an edited version of “Jim Crow”.

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