Cas Metah and Wonder Brown “The Darke Bros.” album out now

New album from Scribbling Idiots emcees Cas Metah and Wonder Brown.

ILLECT Recordings is proud to present their latest hip-hop release for 2012… The Darke Bros. This is a deeply personal project this is full of dope beat production. The duo has skillfully assembled an impressive album that kept our interest from start to finish.

The guys met up with Copywrite and J. Rawls this past weekend to film a music video for “Drowning Man”. Look for that to release in the near future.

The Darke Bros. is available now on CD and MP3 Download at For a limited time you can purchase deluxe versions of the CD and MP3 Download packages.

The Darke Bros. track list
1. Nan Knew
2. The Way I Cry (feat. Ruffian)
3. Mind Bender
4. The Same State (interlude)
5. I Know (feat. Lyriz)
6. In or Out (feat. Soul P)
7. Back and Forth
8. Over and Over (interlude)
9. She’s Gone
10. The Struggle (feat. Freddie Bruno and Holmskillit)
11. Hurt (feat. JustMe)
12. Famous Lovers Pt. 2 (feat. Mouth Warren)
13. Bros. on the Run (interlude)
14. Hold On 2012 (feat. Holmskillit)
15. Drowning Man (feat. Copywrite and Elias)
16. Winding Down (feat. Holmskillit)
17. The Yah and the Yang (feat. Tony Campolo)

Beats by:
1, 2, 13 Theory Hazit
3, 6, 10, 12 Vintage
4 Deftone
5 Lil Jay/Majestic Studios
7, 17 MattmaN
8 Hub
9 So Crates
11 JustMe
14 DT of Clan Destined/The VJC
15 J. Rawls
16 Fab da Eclectic

Scratches by:
11 EF Cuttin


  1. Dope music brothers!!! Love that first line “sometimes my beliefs are ashamed of me” that’s honesty… God is faithfull!!! Keep up the good work guys!

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