Stephen the Levite “The Last Missionary” album out now

New album from Lamp Mode emcee Stephen the Levite. Pick up the release on CD and MP3 Download at

A snippet of our album review (read full review here):
“For someone who has seemingly been off the radar for a while, Stephen the Levite doesn’t display any rust. His lyricism and delivery are just as sharp as they’ve always been. As an unashamed backpack rapper, Stephen serves both the underground & east coast hip-hop well. This album delivers the kind of stuff that made many of us fall in love with hip-hop so long ago. His time away from the music scene has served him well. In listening to this project, you can tell that he’s a man who has gained wisdom through his life experiences & serving the Lord, which permeates through his raps.”

The Last Missionary track list
1. The First Missionary
2. Give It Up!
3. Voltron (feat. Mac the doulos & Zae da Blacksmith)
4. My Wife’s Soundtrack
5. Fight Club (feat. muzeONE)
6. Commissionary
7. Dividing Lies (feat. S.O.)
8. S.O.S. (feat. Wes Pendleton)
9. Wrote It This Way (feat. Timothy Brindle & Hazakim)
10. Temptation
11. Enter: Missionary (feat. Average Joe)
12. Rehoboam
13. Deadbeat
14. Reign & Rebellion (feat. Leah Smith)
15. Beauty & The Beast
16. The Last Missionary