Cody Miles releasing “Apocrypha” free album

Showcasing both the lyrical performance of Cody Miles and the musical skills of Munich, Germany producer Mista Min, Apocrypha is an exposition of life and rhyme synthesized into powerful, introspective and authentic hip-hop. Greek for “what is hidden”, Apocrypha seeks to reveal what is hidden in our lives, in our churches and in our relationships. From a critique of the current state of hip-hop to a modern day retelling of Hosea and Gomer, the content as well as the instruments are as diverse as they are powerful. Each week, a new track from the album is released for seven weeks. Flowing seamlessly as an introduction of these powerful musicians, hip-hop heads maybe surprised or maybe even offended by how close this album rings true to ourselves. It’s impact, however, is only beneficial.

Apocrypha was mixed and mastered by Skeletone Music engineer Skeli.


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