Playdough & Arkamedes “Something to Chew On” album releasing March 27

Arkamedes has been a long time fan of Playdough. Playdough has appeared as a guest on every release Arkamedes has done (even on the Team Omega project coming soon) and what better way to start the year than with a full length album from the two. March 27th will be the release of Something to Chew On.

The album features guest emcees Reveal (Shadow of the Locusts) and Sev Statik (Tunnel Rats, Deepspace5). Production is handled by Isaac Nolte, Freddie Bruno, Re:Flex the Architect, and Glitchy Valens.

Something to Chew On track listing
1. Intro
2. Sent Me
3. I’m Shocked
4. Chew On This
5. Sir Isaac Newton
6. What’s Happenin’
7. Nothin’ I Can Do
8. This Is More Like It
9. Just Vistiting
10. Forth of You Lie
11. Come Thunder
12. Pondarosa (Remix)
13. Rhino Tusk (Remix)


  1. to whom it may concern?
    i was interested in the playdough arkamades album, has it come out and if so where can i get hooked up at?


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