Stream Krum’s “Blue Eyed Devil” album

Stream Blue Eyed Devil by Krum

Stream Krum’s new album Blue Eyed Devil. It released Friday February 3rd, 2017 via Get Nice.

Krum is the new rap moniker for Playdough of the Deepspace5 crew.

Track List
1. Get Loose (feat. Adan Bean & Elias)
2. Dougie with the Devil
3. Bomb In My Show
4. Forget Me Not
5. Broken Vessels
6. Blue Eyed Devil
7. Oddball
8. Wait In Line
9. Pew Pimpin’
10. On My Own
11. Tokyo Market (feat. Theory Hazit)
12. My Town Your Town
13. Loose on Earth

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Stream Blue Eyed Devil