The Royal Applebaums New Album “Earth” with Error96

Group effort. This has always been the modus operandi of The Royal Applebaums, a duo made up of Conduct Lionhardt and Jordan Santana. A precedent set from their very first official recording in 2007, Bipolar Backspin, the two emcees are all about the team. This ideal is heard on their latest release, a long EP entitled Earth.

With a love for layers of musical diversity, they recorded the project in Arizona, welcoming a steady flow of talent in the studio to keep the songs fresh and alive. There are layers of voices over a bed of eclectic samples and breaks. For the beats, the duo called on their friend and a long-time favorite producer, Error96 of Switzerland. Features include soulful singer NFR and emcee Abstract1, both hailing from Los Angeles.

Conceptually, the Applebaums’ lyrics speak on several facets of life on Earth. Keeping up with the fast pace of life, frustrations with pride, music industry irritations and broken families, among other things. There are three interludes, one from each emcee and one from the producer, to carry along the other five full songs.

Earth is now available on iTunes.


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