Flame Releasing New Album “The 6th” March 6 + Track List

Clear Sight Music will release FLAME’s sixth full-length album, The 6th, on March 6th, via Central South and Infinity Music Distribution. One of Christian hip-hop’s premier tastemakers, FLAME’s new project features collaborations with a wide variety of artists including Decemberadio, LeCrae, Thi’sl, Young Noah and V.Rose.

A GRAMMY, two-time Dove Award and two-time Stellar Award nominee, FLAME has sold over 100,000 units while running his own label, Clear Sight Music, and touring worldwide with Cross Movement, LeCrae and Reach Records’ “Don’t Waste Your Life Tour,” in addition to appearances at Acquire the Fire events. His 2010 release, Captured, shot to #1 on the Billboard Gospel Chart and to #5 on the Billboard Christian Chart.

Inspired by the world around him, and the people he meets along the way, FLAME has always wanted to use the music that inspired him to be able to reach the world with God’s message. And while The 6th has plenty of style, FLAME never sacrifices substance as the lyrics are jam-packed with relevant reflections on the human condition.

“Really, it’s a study of anthropology as we look at mankind from many different angles,” says FLAME. “God created humans on the sixth day, we are the climax of God’s creation, and God deposited so much meaning, and purpose, into us as humans. So I wanted to explore what that means. Are we still where He intended us to be? How far have we actually fallen from the pace, and how do we return to our original purpose? Those are the questions I explore in this album.”

When FLAME is not on the road, he’s busy at the helm of Clear Sight Music, where he is mentoring some of the genre’s most promising new artists, such as V.Rose and Young Noah. The entrepreneur is also working towards a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Southern Seminary in Louisville.

“I always grew up influenced by Christianity. I liked the idea of going to heaven—and not to hell—and being on Jesus’ good side, but I didn’t want to take the steps to make that happen,” FLAME says. “I was caught up in the hip-hop culture of gangs and drugs myself and headed in the wrong direction.”

But a series of tragic events eventually got his attention.

“After getting hit three times by an 18-wheeler, my grandmother told me I needed to repent and turn from my sin,” FLAME remembers. “Not long after she passed away from a heart attack, I went to church. There, I heard the Gospel, wept like a baby and was drawn to Him when I was 16. That’s when I became a Christian. Shortly afterwards, I started writing music as little devotionals to God.”

FLAME eventually converted those ruminations to song, using the medium of hip-hop to not only minister to the hurting and build up the body of Christ, but to tell the story of His Savior to a world that desperately needs to hear it.

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The 6th track list
1. Try Me (feat. Young Noah)
2. The 6th Day (feat. Chris Lee)
3. The Great Deception
4. Show Out (feat. Lecrae)
5. Trap Money (feat. Thi’sl and Young Noah)
6. Man
7. Caught In the Lights (feat. V. Rose)
8. He Did It Again (feat. AD3)
9. Scripture Alone
10. Running (feat. Steve T)
11. Against the World (feat. V. Rose)
12. Devil’s Bread (intro)
13. Devil’s Bread
14. Christ Alone
15. Let Go (feat. DecembeRadio)