2011 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Group of the Year

(tie) 116 Clique (Reach Records) & Tunnel Rats

This year we saw 2 groups, who are at completely different stages in their respective careers, shine brighter than the rest.

On one side we had the 116 Clique who had a banner year with huge tours, a conference, high sales on the iTunes charts and big impact on the Christian Hip Hop culture. Lecrae even broke down some barriers with various collaborations and even appearing on mainstream hip-hop outlets.

On the other side we had the veteran Tunnel Rat crew who didn’t necessarily come together as a group but had a bunch of members shine with a help from the crew. We saw top notch albums from Shames Worthy, Macho, Jurny Big and Peace 586 as well as a EP from Sev Statik. As much as everyone tries to write off the crew after all these years they keep putting out QUALITY music. So this year we have a tie, and I couldn’t be happier.

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