2011 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Emcee of the Year

Sintax the Terrific (Illect Recordings)

In one of the heavily contested categories this year Sintax shined the brightest with the release of Prince With A Thousand Enemies. He showed just how versatile an emcee he is by making the listener feel so many different emotions over the course of 14 songs. It’s hard to create a concept album and even harder to make it sound dope. Sintax did just that. He is never afraid to take risks with his art and it really paid of in 2011.

He also embarked on a project where he writes and records new songs weekly. In these songs he raps about current events… politics, world news, sports, you name. This project is called The Press Junket / iPoet and it easily added to a prolific year for Sintax.

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  1. I am very glad that sintax won emcee of the year. If there could be a record that I wanted everyone to hear last year, it would be this one and that is as much based on the strength of the production and overall concept as it is one of Sintax’s finest performances as a lyricist. Would that we could always demand such level of focus and execution in the albums released today, we’d all be richer for hearing rapping to this pedigree.

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