2011 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Producer of the Year

Courtland Urbano (Xperiment) (Humble Beast)

The old adage is that “there is nothing new under the sun.” While true in many cases, Courtland managed to bring a unique sound to the table in 2011. With each successive release he was a part of, it was easy to tell that this producer was locked in. He’s shown he can hang in any environment and placed well in several beat battles.

We’re eagerly looking forward to see what this guy does in 2012.

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  1. CodeGray – Click his name on the player. There are dozens of tracks on his Soundcloud.

    Counduct – You need to pay attention more 😉 It’s not our fault haha. He released a few free download projects, made it to the finals in Red Bull Beat Battle, should have won the beat battle at Flavor Fest last fall, produced stuff across the Humble Beast catalog etc.

  2. This example of his beat sounds like he’s the happy medium between Error96 and some of the beats I’ve heard Othello make lately. Its…interesting that he gets producer of the year yet, the write up gives no example of where (besides his soundcloud, maybe?) that his production even showed up.

    I too would be interested in experiencing the places his work was on. As of this very moment, I’d never heard of the guy, UNLIKE all the other people who were up for this award.


  3. Definitely a deserving producer. I thoroughly enjoy his work, and honestly, I think that it’s got a totally unique sound to it. Can’t wait to hear more from Xperiment! 🙂

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