Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 084

Episode 084 of the Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast is now available. Hosted by Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots. Most artists heard on the Sphere of Hip-Hop podcast have album releases available at SphereofhiphopStore.com.

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In this Episode
Aima the Dreamer, Dert, DJ Vajra, The Extremities, Fr. Pontifex, Griffin, Headnodic, Imperial, Jaq, JustMe, Manchild, Melanie Rutherford, Moka Only, muzeONE, Ohmega Watts, Othello, Phalo Pantoja, Relic the Oddity, Robert De Boron, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Surreal, Theory Hazit, Whatson

Play list:
1. Jaq – Holster (feat. JustMe)
2. Theory Hazit – What Lies Beneath (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
3. The Extremities – New Season (feat. Ohmega Watts & Moka Only)
4. Phalo Pantoja – The Cypher (feat. Relic the Oddity)
5. Headnodic – The A.M. (feat. Othello, Aima the Dreamer & DJ Vajra)
6. Robert De Boron – Advice (feat. Surreal)
7. Fr. Pontifex – Sunday’s On Its Way (feat. Manchild)
8. Whatson – Nothing Can Stop Me (feat. Griffin)
9. Imperial – Raw (feat. Sivion, Sintax the Terrific, muzeONE & JustMe)

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  1. One of my favorite episodes for sure, someone’s gonna need to fill me in on who The Extremities, Phalo Pantoja, Headnodic, Fr. Pontifex is though!

  2. Peace Relic…

    We do our best. Between Cas Metah and I we don’t miss too much.

    We appreciate what you do. Keep feeding us music, news and info so we can share with our visitors.

  3. Yo Peace.

    man.. you guys do your homework. I’m amazed to see the joint I did with Phalo up on the podcast. ( for those who don’t know, Phalo is a producer friend of mine from Paris, France. recently put out a project called Autres Mondes )

    The Extremities are close friends of mine, made up of Fresh Kils, and D.J. Uncle Fester. ( Toronto – Halifax ) Their latest release “The Mint Condition” stayed at the top of the community charts in Canada for 12 weeks in 2011, and made #6 on CMJ. definitely worth a listen.

    Big respects to the good people at Sphere of Hip Hop.
    Keep it moving.


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