Prayer Requested for Wonder

We just received an email from a friend of ours, Wonder. Please check it out and keep him in your prayers. Check in with him on Twitter @wonderhiphop

Just hoping the hip hop community can get behind my wife and I in prayer. I lost feeling in the right side of my face a few weeks ago and the doctor deemed it as Bell’s Palsy but since I had cancer when younger, had him run an MRI anyway. They found a golf ball sized tumor pressed up against my brain. My wife and I are at peace knowing that the Lord is in control and all things work together for His glory. I meet with 2 surgeons this week to get an idea of what it is. We are believing in the Lord for peace, healing, and no cancer. Any and all prayer from the hip hop community would be a blessing. Appreciate you all and will keep you all posted on what the surgeons say. To God be the glory.

in Christ


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